Zulfiqar Shivji

Zulfiqar Shivji

Founder & Managing Partner
Deal Advisory, Corporate Finance
M&A Strategic Advisory

  • Prior to founding ZADN, Zulfi was founder and senior partner at BDO India & MSKA having prior experience at RSM & Co. (Now merged with pwc)
  • Has over 2 decades of experience, handling & leading engagements around M&A Tax, Corporate Restructuring, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Fund Raising & Corporate Finance, Private Equity Support, Mergers & Demergers, Family Arrangements, Succession Planning, Due Diligences, Valuations.
  • He brings on board experience of executing complex transactions and recognized in the fraternity for multidimentional skills.
  • He is Chartered Accountant, IBBI registered value and Rank Holder through out his acadamic tenure.

Hailing from a very strong background, Zulfi as he is rightly known in the professional circuit is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and has been a rank holder throughout his academic career.
With an expansive career spreading across 2 decades of experience in handling & leading engagements around

  • Business and M&A Advisory
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Mergers & Demergers
  • Private Equity Support
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation and
  • Corporate Finance are just some areas of his expertise.

Prior to becoming a Partner at ZADN & Associates, he was the Co-Founder & Sr. Partner with BDO India & MZSK heading the Transaction Advisory Services for more than a decade. He was also the International Liaison Partner for BDO India & has wide experience in working with International clientele and setting up international ventures in India.

With a wholistic approach towards every problem, he takes pride in being called a ‘Risk Taker’ & is recognized by the fraternity for his multi-dimensional skills in executing complex transactions with significant experience in some of the key sectors like

  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Retail & Trading
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Services etc beyond borders.


Zulfi’s been a hands-on person when it comes to dealing with people or as a professional in suggesting solutions to his clients. He also served as an Independent Director on some of the unlisted subsidiaries of large corporates. He loves to interact with people & has been an avid speaker across various National & International forums.

A ‘Household Zomato’ for his family & friends owing to his undying love for food to watching those clichéd movies, listening to songs is what he enjoys during his free time.